Hey there, chocolate lover! Welcome to Ben B Coco, your new sweet spot in the heart of Miami's vibrant Wynwood district. More than just an artisanal chocolate factory, we’re a cozy corner where passion for flavor and creativity collide.

Meet Benjamin Fogel, our founder. He's the man behind the magic, and trust us, he’s not your average chocolatier. Benjamin’s an artist, constantly pushing boundaries and taking your taste buds on a world tour. One minute, you're cozy in Europe with our classic flavors. The next, you're off on a wild adventure, tasting the exotic corners of South America and Southeast Asia. Quality? Non-negotiable for us. We’ve made pals with ethical farmers worldwide, bringing you the best organic cacao beans that make our chocolates so dang good. We care about the planet as much as we do about flavor, ensuring our sweet passions are earth-friendly. And the best part? Our chocolates aren’t rolled out of a big, impersonal factory line. Nope, they’re born right here in Miami, lovingly handcrafted in small batches. Each chocolate piece is a labor of love, a nod to the past, and a step into delicious new frontiers.

So, come on in. Take a stroll through Ben B Coco, where tradition playfully nudges innovation and each chocolate tells its own delicious story. Join us on this wild flavor ride, and let's create sweet memories, one piece of chocolate at a time.

Certified Kosher by ORB Miami

Our products are strictly certified kosher by the Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Miami (ORB) Cholov Yisroel (חלב ישראל) and Pareve. Known for their meticulous adherence to Jewish dietary laws, ORB is a trusted name in the Kosher certification world. This prestigious certification validates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of kosher compliance. Our consumers can rest assured, knowing that every ingredient we use, and every process involved in creating our products, meets stringent kosher requirements as set by the ORB of Miami. Whether you observe kosher dietary laws or simply appreciate the care that goes into kosher-certified products, you can enjoy our offerings with confidence.

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