Chocolate Platters

Our visionary, Benjamin Fogel, has elevated the classic chocolate platter into a canvas of confectionery artistry. Imagine an array of hand-selected, luxuriously crafted chocolate pieces arranged to perfection, inviting you to not just taste but to experience a journey of flavors. Each platter is an adventure, blending the comfort of European classics with the thrill of South American and Southeast Asian essences.

At Ben B Coco, excellence is a promise. Our chocolate is sourced from the finest organic cacao, ethically obtained from our farming friends across the globe, to ensure that every bite supports the earth and its farmers. We're all about small-scale production with a huge heart, where every chocolate creation is a small tribute to tradition, yet a giant leap into exciting, uncharted gastronomic territories.

Our platters are not just about tasting; they’re about sharing, savoring, and creating moments. They are curated to bring people together, crafted with care to ensure every occasion becomes more memorable.

So, step in and discover the joy of our chocolate platters at Ben B Coco, where each assortment is a story waiting to unfold, crafted to make your gatherings sweeter and your memories richer, one shared piece at a time.

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