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Chocolate Factory Kentucky | Ben B Coco Chocolates

Kentucky chocolate lovers Step into Ben B Coco online factory shop. We're more than just a chocolate haven, we're where taste and imagination intertwine. Introducing Benjamin Fogel, the visionary behind our delights. He isn't your typical chocolatier, he's a flavor pioneer. We prioritize premium quality, sourcing organic cacao beans from ethical farmers across the globe. Our commitment? Delectable chocolates that are also kind to Mother Earth. We take pride in our handcrafted batches made right in Miami, with each bite offering a blend of tradition and innovative flair. Dive into Ben B Coco's world, where every chocolate has a unique tale to share. Embark on this taste odyssey and craft delectable memories, one chocolate at a time.

Certified Kosher by ORB Miami

Our products are strictly certified kosher by the Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Miami (ORB) Cholov Yisroel (חלב ישראל) and Pareve. Known for their meticulous adherence to Jewish dietary laws, ORB is a trusted name in the Kosher certification world. This prestigious certification validates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of kosher compliance. Our consumers can rest assured, knowing that every ingredient we use, and every process involved in creating our products, meets stringent kosher requirements as set by the ORB of Miami. Whether you observe kosher dietary laws or simply appreciate the care that goes into kosher-certified products, you can enjoy our offerings with confidence.

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